Saturday, September 09, 2006

new hunt

so pat stenglien and i are going to be planning a treasure hunt. we were thinking of having half of it in brainerd and the other half in nisswa, are there any objections? anyone who really wants to do this can, unless i don't like the person, then they can just bugger off. i'm not quite sure when exactly it will be, i was thinking maybe october. so you can spread the word and there will be more updates when we get more stuff figured out. the names of the teams are going to be hit broadway musicals. wish us luck.


constant_k said...

I call JC superstar.

I will play Judas. It will be a starmaking turn.

Houle can be Ponchus Pilate, Pammy will be Mary Magdalene, and as the big guy himself...Adam Pelkey.

Try to make this one at a time when college kids will be back so they can play okay?

the dain train said...

hold the boat, you aren't doing this treasure hunt remember, but as in having it at a time for the college kids i will do. i just need to know when they will be here.

Tay said...

like december 22nd, for reference.

bundy said...

count me in on this one, for christ's sake.

the dain train said...

so are people going to be wanting this sometime during x-mas break then? because that's cool, but there has to be some safer driving, no more petal to the metal or anything. i feel kind of responsible for you guys that are going to be doing this.