Saturday, July 21, 2007

brainerd PPF

So the treasure hunt is in about 4 weeks and so the sooner you sign up the better. I have had alot of people express interest, but not alot of people have given me the thumbs up for sure, so I am gonna put up a list of who has for sure signed up so far. Remember I do need the 6$ for your place to be reserved. You can get the money to me or anna. If you think you never see me you can give me a call at 218-251-3022 and we can work something out as I am in town at least once a day.

List so far:

Matt Capelle
Cameron Holmes
Kaydi Ring
Ariel Aakhus
Dain Hanson
Josh Mattson
Jason Houle
Breanna Sinner
Lissie Jacobsen
Joe Trucano
Mick Brambilla
Max Keuhn
Ali Jones

Friday, July 13, 2007

End of the summer TH

So the next treasure coming up will be held saturday Aug. 18th. It will be run by me (Josiah Collins) and Anna Zimmerman. This will be a mediocre time to have some fun treasure hunting and a great time to hang out with people before they head of to college.

We will be holding 22 spots open. There will be a 6$ nonrefundable entrance fee. You will need to get that to one of us before Friday, August 3rd. Also having vehicles in this hunt is important so if you know if you can bring a vehicle let us know when you sign up.

We will let you know more information as we get closer to the event. I will leave you now with only the hint that this hunt will center around the past, present, and future of Brainerd.

Friday, July 06, 2007

TH007: Update

We've been hard at work. Things are finally coming together. I'm getting a bit more optimistic about how well we'll be pulling this off.

Captains have received briefings and been given teams with contact information. They should have or should be in the process of contacting all of you very soon. They don't know very much more than you do right now, but will be receiving briefings towards the beginning of next week.

We'll be posting a more complete to-bring list shortly, and your captains will also be talking to you about proper "treasure hunt etiquette." For now, we want to stress that everyone who can bring a car should. Your captains will be pleased. Also, for the love of God, wear shoes. Not sandals or flip-flops. Shoes and good socks will be your best friend. We cannot stress this enough. Tennis shoes for climbing and clambering and running. Appropriate clothing for these activities is also recommended.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TH007: From Brainerd With Love

Tay and I have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming treasure hunt. We've let very little out about it, and this is certainly for a purpose.

First off, we're somewhat behind schedule, and don't know a whole ton ourselves. We're just moving out of the planning stages on a number of issues. This hunt will be more complex and hopefully more substantial than any of the first six hunts. There will be multiple hunts, with different objectives, interweaving and going on at the same time, teams will be clashing and competing more directly against one another, and your course will be constantly changing as you progress through the hunt. This hunt borrows some of the best of all the hunts while throwing in a great deal of originality. Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do before July 11.

Secondly, this hunt involves a great deal of secrecy. As you may have guessed (or as we may have told some of you), the hunt will have a spy/secret agent theme. Cunning, deception, and sabotage will be not only present but even central to success. From our list of participants, we will try to establish even teams, but also groups of established friends. Beware, however, as backstabbing and treachery will be around every corner, and you may find yourself mistrusting even those you thought to be your teammates.

We hope to have a meeting with our captains this weekend to figure out the final component of the hunt necessary to putting the teams together. We will be contacting the captains on the night of the 9th to reveal who they will be working with. You will all find out what team you are on and be given a more extensive briefing of your particular role within this hunt at 5:00 p.m. on the 11th at a briefing at Tay's house.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Extended Sign-up

Due to additional demand for treasure hunt action, Jason and I are tentatively opening up 4 more spots for the treasure hunt. We will be finalizing the list tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

sign up

Nowish. Call either Jason or myself if you are or are not planning on being in the treasure hunt. There are 6 days left to sign up.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

License and Registration

Treasure Hunt 007: From Brainerd With Love will be held Wednesday, July 11, 2007. Because of specifics in the format of the treasure hunt, we are requiring full participation from the teams, and that the teams are set well before the hunt begins. For this reason, we have devised the following registration procedure.

A $7.00 nonrefundable entrance fee is required from each participant before Wednesday, June 20. We will only be able to admit the first 20 to sign up, so make sure you do so ASAP.

Also, if you will for sure be able to bring a car for your team that day, please notify us. This information will come in handy when we're organizing teams.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

TH007: From Brainerd With Love

Jason and I are looking to do our treasure hunt in late June. We are looking for a list of people who would be interested and what days in late June would work the best. This will be a hunt that will require full participation from players, so people must be able to get work off to sign up.


By full participation we mean that participants must participate for the entire duration of the treasure hunt. We can't have people come late/leave early for any reason.


Ok Max, more elaboration: full participation entails that all people who sign up for the treasure hunt arrive at the beginning of the treasure hunt and continue through the duration of the hunt until the end. This is in the way of saying that those people who have work must schedule their work such that either a) their working does not interfere with the treasure hunt b) they get work off. The same is true of family events and whatnot.

The reason for this is that the way we are setting our treasure hunt up, teams must begin and remain full throughout the duration of the hunt. Many facets, including but not limited to head to head competitions, require even teams that can only be guarenteed by "full participation" by everyone who chooses to sign up for this hunt. Thus, when we set a final date and post our sign up, we will be requiring that participants pay their fee at that time and not the day of the hunt. We will be posting the date of the treasure hunt at least a month in advance, so there will be no excuse for those who do not get work off.

Additionally, there will be certain individuals who will be required to extend their participation in this hunt outside the time and date of the actual hunt. This will be explained at a later date and those individuals who we select for these positions will be given their extra duties/time committments and asked whether they are willing to accept these positions.

I honestly have no idea how I can disambiguate this any further. If you want to play, you have to do the whole hunt. It is as simple as that.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rumors in the Wind

While we are not going to confirm that it will be TH7, Jason and I are working on an epic hunt to end all hunts. Well hopefully not end them, but certainly raise the bar for creativity, physicality, and cunning.

But rest assured... There will be another treasure hunt.

for cryin out loud

someone get all up on a TH7 already

Monday, December 18, 2006

Treasure Hunt: December

A note from the administration: It would appear in my haste to move the dirtmouth over to the new blogger I screwed up this blog. I will attempt to repair this blog in the coming days between extensive naps and video gaming. With that, here is the update from the new regime of treasuring hunting. - Tay Stevenson

A long awaited update concerning the treasure hunt. Dain and I have spent a couple long weekends on this hunt. This last weekend we put everything we had finishing it up.First of all, this hunt will take place in Nisswa, as well in as Brainerd, on the 23rd of December. Because of this we thought it appropriate if the teams would meet in Brainerd ( where it will end), and then take one car to Nisswa. This will make it so that no pointless trips to Nisswa will be necessary. We would like everyone to meet at Rafferty's. Grab something to eat. We do not have a food break. We would like everyone their between 12:00 and no later than 1:00. We will begin promptly at 1:00. Dain and I ran a brief runthrough, and we do not see this hunt lasting more than 4 hours.You will not need any supplies. We will supply your items. We ask for at least one person to carry a cell phone that either Dain, or I have a number to. You will also want one that can keep time.I think that the only thing left to do is give the teams. If I have forgotten someone, or added someone, just comment back and we will fix it.If I forgot to mention something just tell me
Munkustrap:Josh Holbrook
Jennyanydots : Crystal Wright
Macavity: Logan Mohs
Old Deuteronomy: Matt Capelle
Grizabella: Sara Swenson

Jesus: Tay Stevenson
Peter: Mick Brambilla
Judas: Jeff smith
Mary: Kara Richard

Mark: Cameron Holmes
Mimi: Ariel Aakhus
Maureen: Mackenzie Paradeis
Collins: Josiah Collins
Joanne: Kaydi Ring

Phantom of the opera:
The Phantom: John Valesano
Christine: Ashley Hillstrom
Raoul: Mitch Lorenz
Carlotta: Anna Zimmerman

Les Miserables:
Jean Valjean: Jason Houle
Javert: Josh Mattson
Fantine: Tara Ritter
Madame Thénardier: Kelsi Ustipak
Cosette: Michelle Toven

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

change of venue

the new address for my blog is

Monday, November 13, 2006

sign up

Here is the sign up list, for december 23rd treasure hunt. (name to be announced later) not quite sure how long it will last. when we get teams sorted you'll need to designate a driver because we are planning on starting it in nisswa and work our way south so if you could get a ride in one car and meet in nisswa that will good. we'll probably start some time around high noon.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

i'm still unsure when we should do this hunt. are people still wanting to do it during the winter? i've heard x-mas break, and after new years and having the college kids come back. this is all good and fine, but i need a time when most people are going to be wanting to do it and are able to. do you guys want it to be sometime during the fall or winter? x-mas break or after new years? pat and i can accomodate any time.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006


college students, i need an approximate date on when you'll be back home. around x-mas time.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

new hunt

so pat stenglien and i are going to be planning a treasure hunt. we were thinking of having half of it in brainerd and the other half in nisswa, are there any objections? anyone who really wants to do this can, unless i don't like the person, then they can just bugger off. i'm not quite sure when exactly it will be, i was thinking maybe october. so you can spread the word and there will be more updates when we get more stuff figured out. the names of the teams are going to be hit broadway musicals. wish us luck.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank God That's Over With

Whooo. Too much trivia, too much downtime, too many goddamned treasure hunts.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

All Praises To The Playstation

Re-revised teams:

Elves: Maya, Ashley, Sam

Men: Jeff, Cameron, AA, Houle

Hobbits: Josh, Dain, Pat, Jackie

Evil: John, Pelkey, Karl

Hannah B is out, Jackie L is in. Is Josiah available for this one?

Teams will need good shoes, cell phones, ect. A digital camera will also be needed. Phone cameras will work just fine.

A word on quick clues: each location will have a trinket/small object hidden at it that teams must retrieve, or teams may need to take a picture there.

P.S.: Please call your teammates to confirm that they will be at Gregory at 10 am on friday.

P.P.S.: Tay, you'll always be Shadowfax to me whether you do this hunt or not. Hey, at least you were the lord of all horses. You could have been Bill the pony for chrissakes.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Flora Proudneck of Longbottom

my hobbit name was waaayyyy neatoer.

Nindë Véneanár

my elvish name.
neat neat neat.

We Need To Put A Barrier Between Us And The Snakes!

Three bits of t-hunt news:

1. The fee will be $4 per person. This will cover the cost of game board production and decoration and gas for Matt and Pammy.

2. The hunt will begin at 10 a.m. at Gregory Park this Friday, August 25th. Anyone who wants to join midhunt is welcome to, provided they pay their fee and let us know via cell phone when they are planning on joining. The first part (the board game) of the hunt will take 4-5 hours. We will then have a short break for food, rest, and totaling of scores. The top two teams in terms of points will then move on to the finale, which shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Participants from teams that do not advance are welcome to come observe the finale.

3. Teams will be divided into the different races of Middle Earth. However, the forces of evil are so diverse that we were forced to lump together a few races to fill out the ranks. Teams are as follows:

Men: Jeff Smith (Eomer), AA (Eowyn), Cameron Holmes (Aragorn), Tay Stevenson (Shadowfax)

Elves: Jason Houle (Elrond), Maya Kuehn (Arwen), Hannah (Galadriel), Sam Walker (Legolas)

Hobbits: Josh Mattson (Samwise Gamge), Dain (Merry), Pat Stenglein (Pippin), Ashley Hillstorm (sp?) (Rose)

Eeeeevil: John V (Gollum), Adam Pelkey (Cave Troll), Karl Magneson (Wormtongue)

Committee Members: Matt (Frodo), Max (Saruman), and Pammy (Gandalf)

Teams are reasonably flexible. We may change them around, but we'll need to hear a good reason before we do so. Keep in mind that each team will need agility, speed, and trivia knowledge.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i was getting my muskets clean...

alright so first business and then storytime...

the game board is completly finished. fineto. done. completed. and man, is it sweet. a picture will follow shortly. the next step is formatting the teams. max and i compiled a small unofficial list of potential hunters. the list is as follows:

jeff smith

the hunt will tkae place, as max mentioned, soley on the 25th. just a one day affair. if your name is on this list, comfirm your placement on said list. if it isn't on this this or you know of others that dont read this blog that would like to be on a team, add a comment please.

alright, enough shop talk. so last night max and i decided to head to "Wal-Fart" as he put it, to pick up some paints and whatnot. as we get to the stoplights where 371 and 210 meet, i forget to get into the left turn lane until the very last second. i make a quick and terrible lane change that leaves my car in a place that doesn't trigger the stoplight sensors so that we would get the green left turn light. meanwhile, a cop passes in front going south. we make nothing of this. the lights cycle few times and we still haven't gotten the green light. i make a snap decision and pull forward and back up so that my car is in the proper position. as i do this, another cop passes us going north. or so it seems. we get the green light and start heading towards walmart when i look in my rearview mirror and see what i think to be yet another cop right behind me. getting a little nervous, i slow down a bit. nothing happens. i turn right at the next set of lights. the cop follows. i turn left at the lights in front of walmart and the cop does the same. im very nervous at this point, wondering what i did wrong. but i didn't think that a cop would pull me over in the walmart parking lot. i was wrong. she pulls us over and the following conversation takes place. (m=matt, o=officer, x=max)

o: "so what happened back at the lights?"
m: *repeats story*
o: "well i kinda figured that what was going on. just so you know, you cant back up on the highway."
m: "oh, well i wasn't aware of that and i made sure that no one was around so that i wouldn't cause any damage."
o: "mmm." looks over my ID and insurance "so what are you guys doing at walmart this late."
m: (not wanting to explain everything) "well me and my friend here are getting some paint for a craft project that we are doing."
o: "what kind of craft?"
m: (cannot believe that she is grilling me about this. look to max for help)
x: "yeah, we are making a game board."
o: "what kinda game board?"
m: "well its for us...and a group of friends...uh..."
o: "well whats the game board like?"
m: "well, its a mix between monopoly and life i guess. you ever play life?"
o: "yeah! are you going to patent it?"
x: "yeah we really should"
o: "then you can remember the cop who pulled you over and curse her name right?"
m: (trying not to lose my grip) "nah, we would give you your cut." *forced laughter*
o: "i'll be right back."
m & x: (lose it)

a few minutes later...

o: (while shining light in my back seat) "you got a little guy back there!"
m: (not realizing i had a stowaway) "what?"
o: "i can see his feet! a little guy!"
m & x: proceed to look for this "guy"
o: "hes right there! passenger, grab him!"
x: (stunned that he was just referred to as "passenger")
o: "in the back of your seat!"
m: (pulls out the woody doll with the chuck norris face taped on) "yeah...its a woody know, from toy story...with chuck norris' face taped on..."
o: "oh man you guys are too funny! you are the best car i have pulled over today!"
m: "yeah, i have all sorts of stuff in here. i got a typewriter..."
x: "...and a whole bunch of corks."
o: "oh, so you are wine drinkers eh?"
m: "nononononononono i work at an italian restaraunt and i open a lot of wine so i collect the corks."
o: "oh, where do you work?"
m: "italian gardens."
o: "wheres that at?"
m: "out at grand view lodge."
o: "oh. i didn't know that they had an italian restaraunt out there. i actually have a friend who is an italian sous (sp?) chef. i wonder where he is right now? well, make sure you buckle up. well, i suppose it doesn't matter in a parking lot. take care!"
m: "yup."

the cop heads back to her car as another cop pulls in behind her. apparently, max and i posed more of a threat that first imagined. we take off to go park, the second cop follows us and loops through the parking lot back to the exit. thats right flatfoot. never turn your back.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here At The End Of All Things

Okay, so I'm going to attempt a brief explanation of the board game portion of the treasure hunt. This may require some explaining, but hopefully things will be clear when you see the board. Just trying to get some of our work done early, that's all...

The object of the game is to finish with the most points. There are four teams, each with a game piece. Teams will take turns rolling a die to move around the board. There will be four types of spaces teams can land on:

1. Direction spaces-These will direct teams to move their game piece backwards or forewards, result in a lost turn, ect. We may also have spaces that allow teams to switch places on the board with another team.

2. Trivia spaces-Teams must answer a Trivial Pursuit question to get 1 point. Categories may be determined by a variety of factors (color of space, number rolled, team choice, ect.).

3. Quick clues-When a team lands on one of these spaces, they will be asked all 6 questions on a Trivial Pursuit card. They will then be given a clue, with a time limit. They must get to the clue area and bring back proof that they found the spot (a small item hidden there, or a picture in some cases) within the time limit. If they do so, they will recieve one point for every question they got right on the initial TP card. Thus, a quick clue can be worth anywhere from 1 to 6 points. If a team fails to get any of the questions right, or goes over the time limit, they can still get one point just for finding the clue.

Most quick clues can be done by every team, if every team happens to land on them. Some, however, are one time only, first come first serve. If a team lands on a one time only clue that has already been found, they will be given a trivia question but no clue.

Each space corrresponds to a specific clue. No team can do the same quick clue twice; if a team does land on a quick clue space a second time (due to a direction space back/switch with another team), they will be given a trivia question instead of a clue.

4. Stop signs-The most important spaces. There will be three of these. Teams will stop moving once their game pieces reach one of these spaces until all teams have reached it. Each team will then be given the first clue in a short series of clues that will lead to the next board location. Each team will follow a separate path. We hope that they will be fairly equal. Teams will draw their first clue from a hat to determine their route. Points will be awarded at the next board location based on the order in which teams arrive.

The initial location will be revealed later.

As always, teams are encouraged to remember both good shoes and discretion. The hunt is scheduled to take place on August 25th and perhaps the 26th as well. Now, really, if you plan to participate please leave a comment.

Additional points will be rewarded for performance in a few physical challenges scattered through the hunt, and for a final lightning round of Lord of the Rings trivia. So bone up on the lay of Frodo of the 9 fingers and the Ring of Doom! Oh, and a lot of the clues have a LOTR bent to them as well. Just a heads up. Who here considers themselves fairly knowledgable or better in LOTR? We'd like to know, for team building purposes.

(P.S.: Matt Capelle had a very nice, if somewhat late, Lord of the Rings line the other night. He thought that when I heard Jason's team had attempted to scale a fence along Washington at 11:30 pm, I should have said "Fool of a Took!" It is an excellent phrase to use whenever someone does something foolish, and I wish I could have thought of it then.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the game board

is finished. the "rough draft" if you will. oh man its sweet

Sunday, August 06, 2006

RrRrRock Me Amedeus

We've pushed back the date for TH5 to late August. Capelle will just come back into town for a couple of days before classes start. Will any of the 28th, 29th, or 30th work for people?

And today we scouted out possibly the sweetest location of all time. It's just...amazing. Just you wait. It's going to be hard not telling everyone about it as soon as I see them.

I will try to come up with a brief, easy to understand description of the board game portion of the hunt. For now, I must depart for work.

P.S.: Cameron and Jennifer called me from the car on their way to see the Great Gatsby (luckies) to inform me that they had seen a bread truck drive by with the motto " A Loaf Of Bread In Every Arm." We salute you.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

TH5: The Battle For Middle Earth

I met with Matt and Pammy last night, and we formed the outline of the 5th hunt. It will have an entirely new format, to be outlined in detail later.

Suffice to say that it will be unlike anything you've ever seen, and split into three parts. Part one will be a mixture of trivia and clue finding, part two will be an obstacle course,and part three will be the thrilling downtown finale. There will be eliminations after each round, down to the final two for the third round. This could all fit into one day, but we think it would be more enjoyable as a two-day hunt. August 15-16 is looking pretty good to me, as I can probably get those days off, the road trippers will be back, and Matt will still be in town (he leaves the 21st, I think). Do we have any problems/suggestions on dates?

Ashley: I think we're going to keep this one in Brainerd, mostly because we're trying to keep driving time to a minimum.

Jennifer: What ideas do you have for clues? Please e-mail them to me. We're going to need all the help we can get getting good clues for this one. In fact, really anyone with clue ideas could send them in, and we could keep careful track of who wrote which clue so they wouldn't get their own, but everybody else would. That'd be kind of neat. Individual clues or clusters are welcome.

Teams will probably be named after regions of Middle Earth, just because that'd be pretty special. Plus, then people can take on individual names of characters from their region. We can have more teams for this hunt, 5-7 would probably be ideal. Does Karl want to form a team? Dain? Maya? Stitch/Ellens/Northway? Please sign up in the comments of this post. I think we may have teams form themselves for this hunt, or have it be self-formed with a little rearranging to keep things even.