Saturday, May 05, 2007

TH007: From Brainerd With Love

Jason and I are looking to do our treasure hunt in late June. We are looking for a list of people who would be interested and what days in late June would work the best. This will be a hunt that will require full participation from players, so people must be able to get work off to sign up.


By full participation we mean that participants must participate for the entire duration of the treasure hunt. We can't have people come late/leave early for any reason.


Ok Max, more elaboration: full participation entails that all people who sign up for the treasure hunt arrive at the beginning of the treasure hunt and continue through the duration of the hunt until the end. This is in the way of saying that those people who have work must schedule their work such that either a) their working does not interfere with the treasure hunt b) they get work off. The same is true of family events and whatnot.

The reason for this is that the way we are setting our treasure hunt up, teams must begin and remain full throughout the duration of the hunt. Many facets, including but not limited to head to head competitions, require even teams that can only be guarenteed by "full participation" by everyone who chooses to sign up for this hunt. Thus, when we set a final date and post our sign up, we will be requiring that participants pay their fee at that time and not the day of the hunt. We will be posting the date of the treasure hunt at least a month in advance, so there will be no excuse for those who do not get work off.

Additionally, there will be certain individuals who will be required to extend their participation in this hunt outside the time and date of the actual hunt. This will be explained at a later date and those individuals who we select for these positions will be given their extra duties/time committments and asked whether they are willing to accept these positions.

I honestly have no idea how I can disambiguate this any further. If you want to play, you have to do the whole hunt. It is as simple as that.


Josh said...

don't hunts usually need full participation? anyway, i'll play

constant_k said...

Yeah whaddaya mean by "full participation"?

Is there some special situation that will require the entire team to stay together for the duration? I mean, are we gonna be handcuffed together or what?

Hillstorm said...

John, Matt, and I will be in Las Vegas from June 24th to the 29th.

El_Jefe said...

not June 29th
not July 12th
not after Aug 20th.

Houley said...

hmm, late june seems to be out of the question.

july 9?
july 2? july 3? july 6? if you could post a full-summer schedule, that'd be great.

Hillstorm said...

June 6,7: Orientation
June 8,9: Dance Show
(dance practices throughout june, dont know which days yet)
June 24-29: Vegas
July 6-8?: Winnipeg
july 13 and 21: Potter!!! lol
july 14: My B-day!
july 15: My grad Party!!
july 16-19: Dance Camp
July 25-28: NOL Itasca

Houley said...

we're also tentatively planning this hunt to take place a little later than the other day hunts have, starting around 4 or 5 and going into the night.

Pammy said...

neato... if you start at 5 i could work a morning shift and then come to the hunt. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Houley said...

good! hopefully that works for others as well...

Hillstorm said...
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the dain train said...

july sounds good, just work but that shouldn't be too bad.

constant_k said...

I'd still like a little more elaboration on the "full participation" thing

Shelty said...

I might be able to. Can I get back to you when you set a date? I'm not sure of my summer schedule yet.

Pammy said...

hey this sounds mysterious and cool so pick dates soon so i can be like "hey kim i needa go to a treasure hunt on this day k?"

Houley said...

"I honestly have no idea how I can disambiguate this any further."

lol we're being as ambiguous as possible, but it's for the best. the smooth functioning of the hunt and equity between the teams are of significant importance for this hunt.