Saturday, July 21, 2007

brainerd PPF

So the treasure hunt is in about 4 weeks and so the sooner you sign up the better. I have had alot of people express interest, but not alot of people have given me the thumbs up for sure, so I am gonna put up a list of who has for sure signed up so far. Remember I do need the 6$ for your place to be reserved. You can get the money to me or anna. If you think you never see me you can give me a call at 218-251-3022 and we can work something out as I am in town at least once a day.

List so far:

Matt Capelle
Cameron Holmes
Kaydi Ring
Ariel Aakhus
Dain Hanson
Josh Mattson
Jason Houle
Breanna Sinner
Lissie Jacobsen
Joe Trucano
Mick Brambilla
Max Keuhn
Ali Jones


Tay said...

jo, you can delete the list and the link for our hunt on the right if you want so you can make it your own.

ariel said...

i might not be able to make it

the dain train said...

i don't think i can make it, count me out. josiah, do you have my sweatshirt?