Monday, August 21, 2006

We Need To Put A Barrier Between Us And The Snakes!

Three bits of t-hunt news:

1. The fee will be $4 per person. This will cover the cost of game board production and decoration and gas for Matt and Pammy.

2. The hunt will begin at 10 a.m. at Gregory Park this Friday, August 25th. Anyone who wants to join midhunt is welcome to, provided they pay their fee and let us know via cell phone when they are planning on joining. The first part (the board game) of the hunt will take 4-5 hours. We will then have a short break for food, rest, and totaling of scores. The top two teams in terms of points will then move on to the finale, which shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Participants from teams that do not advance are welcome to come observe the finale.

3. Teams will be divided into the different races of Middle Earth. However, the forces of evil are so diverse that we were forced to lump together a few races to fill out the ranks. Teams are as follows:

Men: Jeff Smith (Eomer), AA (Eowyn), Cameron Holmes (Aragorn), Tay Stevenson (Shadowfax)

Elves: Jason Houle (Elrond), Maya Kuehn (Arwen), Hannah (Galadriel), Sam Walker (Legolas)

Hobbits: Josh Mattson (Samwise Gamge), Dain (Merry), Pat Stenglein (Pippin), Ashley Hillstorm (sp?) (Rose)

Eeeeevil: John V (Gollum), Adam Pelkey (Cave Troll), Karl Magneson (Wormtongue)

Committee Members: Matt (Frodo), Max (Saruman), and Pammy (Gandalf)

Teams are reasonably flexible. We may change them around, but we'll need to hear a good reason before we do so. Keep in mind that each team will need agility, speed, and trivia knowledge.


Josh said...

elves is stacked like omgzzz

Josh said...

hannah b. is more of a hobbit

just sayin'

constant_k said...

We needed two females (maya and hannah) on the same team, and the only race with two female characters was elves. And while elves has got some serious trivia clout, it also has TWO girls.

And mattson, are you saying you want to be on Hannah's team?

aa said...

tay or anyone on my team. . . if we use my car i am driving.

Johnny V said...

my team sucks

Johnny V said...

Actually, it just sucks compared to the elves which is ridiculous.

All the teams are pretty balanced except for that race of fairies.

no offense to pelkey or karl. i was just overcome with my initial images of a big fairydom all over mordor.

ps. why cant i be sauron/saruman/ringwraith/witch king

matt said...

i thought gollum was the obvious choice

also max, isn't sam going to be outta town or has that changed now? also, i like the move of tay to shadowfax from the cave troll

Pammy said...

S is now in.

Tay said...

ok, i object to the teams as well. elves is stacked and all the rest of the teams are eschewed at best. seriously, i think you guys need to redo them.

further, shadowfax isn't even a man. he's a horse. and if you were even going to stretch it, he is gandalf's horse and gandalf isn't a man. he's a wizard. so seriously. give me a fucking better character or i'm just not going to do the treasure hunt. if anyone should be aragorn it should be me. cameron is more of a farameir. boromeir isn't bad either. but seriously, change the teams and my character.

Johnny V said...

i think shadowfax is fitting. but yes.

the elves are too good.

Tay said...

just another argument for switching up teams, i've been on aa team in both of the last two hunts i've done. i'm not complaining, i'd just like to be on a team with people who i haven't been with before (i.e. maya, pelkey, jason...). so please redo the teams. you don't really have to stick to character constraints (although if i'm fucking shadowfax or anything of the like i quit).

Pelk said...

Johnny V, our team does suck. Maybe you and Karl are really amazing with LOTR knowledge, but I'm betting not.

aa said...

so i wasn't the only one that noticed that i have been on the same team as tay for two other hunts???? but whatevs it doesn't matter to me.

one more thing. . .


seriously, for some of us, mainly myself and a few others, this will be the last time we will see everyone else for a while. make it fun. please.

jobble said...

hmm so is it just coincidence that pammy is gandalf and gandalf rides shadowfax who just so happens to be tay?

Johnny V said...


You are on to something.

matt said...

"if anyone should be aragorn it should be me."

wait, did i miss something? tay is an arrogant prick? when did this happen?